霍恩海姆 a.k.a. Hohenheim of Dragon ClanEdit

an ambassador for the dragon clan to the western dragon clan factions and is also a samurai because hes just that fucking awesome 

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4 foot 8 inches tall with black hair this samurai likes long walks in the park, tea ceremonys, jokes, peotry, caring for his baby dragon egg, and decapitating the ones who are not worth of living. His preferred weapons are his katana and his bow although if you get in his face he'll spray you with needles that are hidden in his mouth as a last resort. Even tho hes an ambassador hes still a fun loving guy and still manages to balance his work, caring for his dragon, and and his social life!


hohenheim is the adopted heir to the ito family since the head of the family have a son of his own. hohenheim has spend most of his life traveling, training, and studying at the mere age of 18 he was accepted as a samurai he spent the next 4 years he has been traveling as a ambassador to the western dragon clan factions and during that time he had been gifted a dragon egg of his own to raise as his own. During his time in the faction located in the city state of the immortal overlord he got mixed up in a revolution having there for the dragon clan had sided with the rebels and when the revolution was lost he saved many rebels including thockmorton and (eddie) by helping them escape the faction of the dragon clan had fallen and now the region of the imortal overlord is now filled with rogue dragons

10178 dragon

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goals for the future Edit

  • live long enough to become head of the ito family and in that the dragon clan
  • wants his dragon egg to finally fucking hatch
  • honor the dragon clan even more
  • and get loot and stuff
    The Pillows - Ride on Shooting Star

    The Pillows - Ride on Shooting Star

    because fuck you billy