The format for these logs is a heading that includes the date, and then bullet points which include the important events that happened during the game session

Saturday 11/30/13Edit

  • 4 people created their characters and backstories
  • Map of the 3 Continents/territories was shown
  • BBG and other important NPCs introduced along with the backstory of the campaign
  • went on an ambassator mission for tibult
  • met a dragon who was the mayor of a town
  • investigated a "haunted" masion
  • figured out the house wasnt haunted
  • found a gnome prisoner who was being kept for ransom, he pledged alliance to zach and promised to make pancakes
  • discovered a hidden labratory in the basment of the mansion
  • connor rolled a 28 hear noise check
  • discovered a trap door which led to an underground passage
  • followed that passage into a storage type area
  • found swords and other weapons made by a supossedly extinct dwarven group
  • that lead to a dock like area in the cave with boats and a room
  • connor literally floated across a dock thing to listen through a door from which he heard 6 people talk
  • connor got attacked by a gator, causing around 5 pirates to jump up and suprise us
  • we learned our gnome friend was literally a backstabing asshole
  • eddie tried to help connor, connor ditched eddie then helped from a distance
  • we learned that pirates suck ass at fighing
  • tibult killed all enemies
  • learned thier was no one in the room- ghosts
  • found a log book that showed their was like a thousand missing swords (they had already been moved somewhere else)
  • resolved to stay in the area until either 1: the next shipment arrived; or 2: the people who moved the other shipments

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