This is Daakrath one of the two thieves for this adventuring group. He likes daggers, loot, women, drink, and sliting his victims corrodic artery.


Daakrath is a simple hobbit. He always had a tendency to steal things because he felt the urge to posess more and more. One day he decided to go big and try to steal an amulet containing a demon soul. This was a bad idea from the start. Needless to say he got caught, and had his soul ripped from his very being and replaced by a demon soul. This resulted in Daakrath having violent and evil tendencies which he must fight off. His soul now being in a ring and kept at the same lair as the demon who he tried to steal from. Daakrath consulted the lich king, whom he worked for before, about his predicament. The lich king consulted the demon and came to an aggreement with him. The aggreement consisted of: Daakrath must kill 150 LIVING being of any allignment to regain his soul. Each time something was killed a tally mark is to be added somewhere to his body. Once he completes this task he regains his soul, but the demon soul is still inside of him so he shall always have somewhat of an evil over tone.


Shifty in appearence and from the uncovered parts of his body you can tell he is scared from many happenings in his life. you can usually find him drunk in a bar, at a brothel, or a morgue staring at bodies. weirdo. he is VERY bipoler the best way i can sum it up is one minute hes kissing a baby the next minute hes throwing it. he also has a major case of of teenage angest