Character BioEdit

Name: Galdor Elanessë

Race: Wood Elf

Eye Color: Light Brown

Hair Color: Black

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 103 lbs.

Age: 290 years old

Class: Ranger

Level: 2

Alignment: Good

Gold: 0 (Draining the bank)

Armor Class: 7

Health Points: 12

Languages: Elvish, Common, Treant, Woodland Animals

Resistances: Sleep, and Charm  (90%)

Movement: 120 Ft. 

encumbrance: 103 (340 max)

Force Door: 1-3 (d6)

Damage Bonus: +1 Damage (per level) against Humanoid, or giantish creatures

Tracking: Rangers have a 90% chance to track others in rural areas, and a 65% chance to track in urban, or dungeon environments

Primary Stats

  1. Strength: 14
  2. Intelligence: 13
  3. Dexterity: 17 (+2 suprise, +2 Missle Hit, -3 AC)
  4. Charisma: 8
  5. Constitution: 14
  6. Wisdom: 14


  1. Swords (+1 hit)
  2. Bows (+1 hit)
  3. Infravision (60ft.)
  4. Silent Movement (5%)
  5. Detection of concealed, or Secret Doors 

Armour and Weapons:

  • Banded Armour (Primary: Black, Secondary: Dark Green(Cloth))
  • Cloak w/ Hood, and half mask (Dark Green, Grey Trim)
  • Belt with three pouches on each side
  • Soft Boots
  • Short Sword (x2)
  • Long Bow
  • Arrows (120)


  • Survivalist +1
  • Engineer +1 
  • Cartograhper +1 (Map Making)
  • Meteorologist +1 (Study of Weather, and Climate)
  • Orology +1 (Study of Mountains, and mountain systems)


Galdor Elanessë is a wood elf ranger that was once a master ranger in the Pestis ex arboribus, which was the rebellion's special forces.He was under the command of Archangel who was at the time, the special forces commanding officer.During a mission where the force was attacking one of the overlord's compounds  at night, the operation went south, and they were forced to retreat. When they were running back they had to cross along a compound bridge. Galdor decided that if the force was able to get back he would have to hold the bridge at all costs, stopping the advance of the compound guards. Galdor had a well defended position on the bridge where he was firing shots faster, and faster every time the guards made a charge across the bridge. For the overlord's guards it was useless for them to cross the bridge head on. The guards decided to use ladders behind the defensive berrier. Galdor noticed what they were doing before they could complete their reverse siege, and kicked the ladders down before they could climb their way up. Just at that time he noticed that the soldiers have rigged a catapult with explosives, and decided to launch it directly at the bridge. When the explosive hit Galdor was able to dive into the river. He was not severely injured at the fight on the bridge despite the cuts from arrows flying by him on the bridge. Galdor swam down stream about twenty-five miles until he reached a small camp called "the dragon clan outpost thing"-(Tibult) waiting for any type of confirmation that his force is still alive.  
Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage (Extended Version)

Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage (Extended Version)

Galdor's Theme Song

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