Ioism is the clergy of the dragon god Io. The religion recognizes Io as one of the most powerful creatures in existence. It's followers are mainly dragons and dragonkind, but it also attracts those who believe in pure balance. While the church is widespread, the main epicenter of the religion is in the Ryūkyūden (Dragon Palace), which is located in the city of Tarantis in the country of Kara Tura. This is also where the Headquarters of the Dragon Clan is located.

Church StructureEdit

The Church is lead by the 9 High Clerics, one for each alignment. High Clerics are more often than not non-dragons, because dragons find it more practical to worship in solitude (they do however, hold high respect for the church and its leaders). The leader of the High Clerics is always the cleric of true neutral alignment, as they best represent Io himself. Each High Cleric has an aprentice, which they train to replace them when they die. The Church uses its resources based on balance, meaning it supports an equal number of good causes to evil ones. Because of this, High Clerics and those who follow Ioism are generally regarded with respect of those from all alignments, and influence/support is sought from a variety of sources. 

Church Influence/FollowersEdit


Religious Symbol of those who follow Ioism

Ioism is followed by all dragons. It is consentrated mostly in Kara Tura. The church has the least amount of influence in the City-State of the World Emperor, an area where the church hopes to expand its influence.

Ioism was originally followed by only Dragons. During the Psycic Wars, however, its following exploded, as people's low moral forced them to look for salvation from any source they could find. While the church mainly supports issues which it believes will help Dragonkind, it also supports or disproves political and military causes when they have a large impact on the balance of the world (Example: The church supported the rebelion in the City-State of the Invincible Overlord because it caused a better balance of good and evil in the area)