Magefuric Galenos AcanosEdit


Magefuric Galenos Acanos, or as the locals know him Magefury was a wizard in the mountains looming over the town of (insert town name here). Magefury was a man who kept almost always to himself except for the occasional visit to the town. He keeps to himself because many years ago when Magefury was just an apprentice to a master wizard he came across a large amount of pure uncontrolled arcane energy. Magefury's master was stricken down by the pure arcane magic, and was reduced to ash. The arcane seemed to be a mixture of free-floating particals of almost any color you could think of (except black). Magefury only had enough time to look at it for a few seconds, but remembering what it looked like would be no problem at all. because you see Magefury's body mixed with the arcane, and singed his veins making his veins protrude out of his skin and forming definant lines all over his body and they glowed vibrently in all different colors (exept black). The magic is so bright that he has to wear a cloak all the time because the towns folk told them that when he walked through the town at night he was very noticable, and distracting. tho he did not cover up his beard which sparkled  . Although he does like to show his beard which sparkles beautifully. Magefury grew into the life of solitude. He used to be hardly seen until when dabling with his magic he managed to attract some very unwanted attention of some bonechilled goblins led by a vile band of ogres. Magefury barely managed to escape from his tower alive. He went to the inn, and stayed there for a few weeks with the money he had left, and now is faced with the inevitability of possibly have to go dungeon crawling to keep himself alive.