"The Rebellion" is the name for the civil war which took place between the Invincible Overlord and the citizens of his City-State.

The symbol of the revolution

Formation of RebellionEdit

The rebellion began when the Pestis ex arboribus was created by Thockmorton with Archangel as his lieutenant it was a small group of about 30 men who raided trade shipments, infiltrated goverment and military organizations with sleeper agents, and ambushed enemies as they moved through the forests and country side. As the rebellion grew Archangel was left in command of the  Pestis ex arboribus and Thockmorton went on to be grand commander of the rebellion controlling hundreds of other cells but used the Pestis ex arboribus as his personal task force for the most important and dangerous missions.

 ==The Aftermath==

After the capture of Thockmorton (and to a lesser extent Perses), The Rebellion took a substiantal loss. Many soliders lost thier will to fight, though thier feelings of anger towards the Invincible Overlord persisted. The different "cells", or insurgent groups, were either killed off or disappeared off the radar. The Invinsible Overlord tightened his grip on the people as a result of The Rebellion, by implimenting high tarriffs, millitary patrols, curfews, ect. This led to more people to more people siding with The Rebellion, however without a strong leader and millitary backing the probability of a successful revolt is miniscule.