Thockmorton was born in 257, he is a Magic-user/Fighter, and posseses an abundance of military knowledge.Thockmorton spends most of his time planning for the rebellion or accompannying his friends on their missions but Thockmorton sometimes likes to sneak into fancy buildings such as high end inns and the houses of noblemen and saw the fourth leg off of all the chairs in the house, if you have done something to displease him you will find that all of your furniture has this characteristic not just your chairs. 

Played by Connor

The beginningEdit

Thockmorton is the founder and leader of the rebellion. The rebellion began when Thockmorton formed the Pestis ex arboribus, the first and most elite cell within the rebellion. This group performed a wide array of operations such as hijacking the overlords trade shipments, infiltrating the military and goverment with sleeper agents, and ambushing enemy patrols. He went on to command hundreds of cells leaving Archangel in command of the Pestis ex arboribus which then became his taskforce for the most dangerous and difficult missions within the rebellion. When his taskforce was betrayed and ambushed thockmorton sent a large force to help them but when they arrived it was too late, the taskforce was destroyed and the only surviving member left the rebellion. Afterwards while corresponding with his sleeper agent within the overlord's goverment thockmorton's position was revealed and his agent was captured leaving them both in the overlord's most brutal prisoner of war camp.



The symbol of the revolution

After spending many years in a prisoner of war camp thockmorton began planning to escape, Perses Callidus aided in the planning an execution of the escape plan and left with thockmorton when the prison break was succesful. With the aid of Hohenheim, Thockmorton and Perses were able to escape the overlords lands and make their way into the world emporers city where thockmorton is planning for the return of the rebellion.

Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth

Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth